Aili Healing Center uses time-tested, highly effective, energy healing modalities to support you.

We aim to empower you, and assit you in living a fullfilling, purposeful, healthy, balanced life. Our highly trained team of professionally certified energy healers and practitioners have trained extensively in the prestigious metaphysical and spiritual lineage of King Salomon.  Backed by 3000+ years of healing tradition, our lineage yields the finest energy healing and empowerment modalities available in the world today.

We offer Advanced Spiritual Classes and Metaphysical Training, Spiritual Healing, Emotional Cord Cutting and Energy Clearing, utilizing tools, techniques, and traditions passed down from person to person since ancient times.  We’re confident about offering the finest and most effective Healing and Empowerment Tools available today.

Why are we so confident? Because we've seen the results!

Thousands of people have awoken to their divinity through the ancient Lineage of King Salomon, and have expreienced lasting, postive change in their physical health, emotional well-being, relationship with others, and sense of self. We welcome you to experiene the extraoridnary benefits of this ancient pathway too. 

Let Us Help Support You In:

  • Transcending A Specific Health Challenge

  • Letting Go Of Old Patterns And Finding More Fulfilling Relationships

  • Integrating a Career, Relationship, Or Life Transition

  • Finding Your Life Purpose and More Clarity, Motivation, and Direction in Life

  • Awakening Hidden Gifts, Abilities And Talents

  • Finding A Deeper Spiritual Connection And Trusting Your Own Guidance

  • Enhancing Creativity And Inspiration

  • Serving & Knowing Yourself So You Can Help Others

  • Find a Spiritual Path that Supports You and Taps into Your Unique Spiritual Lineage

  • Getting the Spiritual Healing You Need that Modern Medicine does not address